Minor Council

HEO has a Minor Council which oversees the activities of the Minor Hockey Associations.  The Committee is made up of the Chairs of each of the 11 Dsitricts and has representatives of each of the Competitive leagues.  This committee convenes at the HEO hockey office, 813 Shefford Road, Richcraft Sensplex, 2nd floor, Ottawa,  ON.  The Chair and Vice Chair are selected from the District Chairs and they meet on the second Wednesday of each month.

Title Representative
District 1 Chair               Rose Williams
District 2 Chair Mark Desnoyers
District 3 Chair Linda Thompson
District 4 Chair Tim Sheehan
District 5 Chair Brydon Schaap
District B Chair Fabio Onesi
District 9 Chair Jenn Primeau (Council Vice Chair)
District 10 Chair Greg Clarke (Council Chair)
District 11 Chair Shelley Zimmerman
District 12 Chair Doug Kernohan
District 14 Chair Mike Spencer
U18 League Rep Brenda Green
AAA League Rep Lucas Cacciotti
AA/A League Rep Sean Roche
OBMHL Rep Paul MacInnis
Upper Canada League Rep Scot Easton
UOVMHL Rep Deborah Graham
HEO Liaison Jou Rubino